IT Department

IT Department is one of the priority departments of the Alternative Foundation. This
Department works for the Foundation’s Objective No. 1, to develop social media platform and
launch globally. The Foundation believes that there is a need for movement to the progression of human beings but it should be a non-violent one. In this regard, the Foundation wants to use scientific ways to social reform and transformation by optimum use of information technology. Thus, the Foundation has invented and has been developing a social media platform based on social science.’ This social media platform works as a tool for social transformation and contributes to the progression of the human being. The Department is in operation under the leadership of Mr. Dronacharya Parajuli, Board Member of the Foundation, and a highly professional team of 24 IT engineers. The social media platform will be launched in the mid of 2022 globally. It is a business-oriented model, hence, the profit-making separate company Alternative Platform’ under the management of Foundation has been established and working for this cause.