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Who We Are

The Alternative Foundation has emerged as an alternative power of social activists and numerous scholars from in and out-side the country; this is for social change. It is established as a global leading organization in Kathmandu, registered with Government of Nepal in 2020 and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (SWC) in Kathmandu, Nepal. This organization boosts up Nature, Science and Humanity thought to achieve the progression of human being globally. It constantly advocates for the good governance, social inclusion, rule of law, identity and integrity, equity and equality, clarity and accountability, unity and solidarity, freedom of expression and movement, political participation, inclusive sustainable development, enhance climate and community resilience, natural resource and knowledge management based on data and the information. It believes that evidence-based advocacy can seriously address the issues for human development, natural protection and science and technology. As per global concern, this organization is assuredly committed to work in the contemporary burning issues with the global societies including the county, Nepal. The Alternative Foundation has emerged as a global alternative force for social change, bringing together social activists, prominent development practitioners, and academics. The Foundation is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit think-tank headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Foundation’s guiding principle is to strengthen the complementarity and interdependence of nature, science, and humanity. The Foundation is dedicated to develop scientific culture by promoting nature, science, and humanity together. In today’s globalized world, challenges are transnational in nature; thus, we all have an important role to play and bear responsibility for addressing those challenges and issues. These challenges and problems can be addressed in coordination and collaboration between governments, politicians, policymakers, civil society organizations, the private sector, development partners, academics, researchers, practitioners, the media, and others, using a digital space, physical engagement, institutional backing, and research. Hence, the Foundation supports and works with the governments, world leaders, CSOs, development partners, like- minded institutions, and communities to tackle the world’s challenges. The Foundation is working to address the following major problems that human society facing all over the world: 1. Gender-based inequality and discrimination, 2. Social marginalization and discrimination  3. Racism and xenophobia 4. Income inequality and deprivation 5. Religious fundamentalism and faith based discrimination and, 6. Geographical Inequality and discrimination.  

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Baneshwor, Kathmandu Nepal

Phone: +977-01-4574909

Email: info@alternativefoundation.org.np, af.alternativefoundation@gmail.com


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