Nepal Science Fair 2024 (NSF 2024)    


  1. To create and operate social media platform: A worldwide social media platform shall be created and operated in order to establish a global human society based on justice for progress of entire mankind by promoting the values of nature, science and humanity.
  2. To conduct research and publicise: An extensive research shall be conducted to expose the negative impact of globally existing unnatural, unscientific and inhuman discrimination on the progress of global human society and prepare and distribute the findings publishing a Humanity Index worldwide every year.
  3. To establish networking and organization: The Foundation shall establish worldwide organizations and mobilize them globally by coordinating, collaborating and networking with the persons, communities and organizations in the world having similar objectives. 
  4. To award and encourage: The person, community and organization making contribution in the sectors of nature, science and humanity shall be annually awarded for their contributions.

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