Project and Program

  1. Creation and Operation of Social Media Platform:  A team of 24 IT engineers is developing a prototype in the  innovation center built  in the central office of the Foundation to create, operate and expand Social Media Platform globally in order to contribute in progress of a global human society by promoting the values of the interdependence of  nature, science and humanity. This Social Media Platform project shall be fully completed and tested within the year 2021 and it shall be simultaneously launched on 1st January 2022 in major parts of the world. This Social Media Platform shall be managed and operated through a separate commercial company under the Foundation.

2. Research and Publication: A ‘Global Humanity Index’ shall be published and distributed every year to assess  the negative impact of the existing unnatural, unscientific and inhuman discrimination on the progress of global human society. The project is in progress now. A team of experts from different sectors have been working in Kathmandu, the Head Office of the Foundation. The ‘Global Humanity Index’ shall be made public from at least 150 countries world wide together on the establishment day of the Foundation on 20th August.

3. Networking and Organization: A worldwide organization shall be established and mobilized globally by coordinating, collaborating and networking with the persons, communities and organizations in the world having similar goals. A separate team together with the respective experts is  working to develop strategy to achieve the goals. The team has been managing works under the network department. The plan is to conduct a worldwide integrated campaign by complainant organization expansion across the globe by January 2023.

4. Award and Encouragement: A person, group and organization that contribute in the field of nature, science and humanity in Nepal or in the world shall be awarded annually by the Foundation through the Global Social Platform. The award ceremony shall take place on the foundation day of the Foundation, 20th August. A separate team and guidelines shall be prepared and mobilized to finalize the awardees every year.

5. Projected Goals:

  1. To launch production on 1st January 2022 from all six continents.
  2. To reach to at least 5 million domestic and international users within next one year.
  3. To reach to at least 50 million domestic and international users within next two years.
  4. To reach to at least 500 million domestic and international users within next five
  5. To reach to at least 1 billion domestic and international users within next seven years.

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