• Several crucial problems plague the world today .However, five major problems are found to be very daunting that need to be addressed through global efforts and solidarity . These problems are 1. Gender-based inequality and discrimination 2. Social marginalization and discrimination 3. Racism and xenophobia  4. Income  inequality and deprivation 5. Geographical discrimination, and 6. Religious fundamentalism and faith based conflicts. Due to these  acute problems , the world is not only  experiencing worst forms of  violence and wars but also issues  related  with  good-governance, human rights and democratization have been relegated to the background.

The increased spates of violence and conflicts  have  caused incomparable damage  and checkmated  the progress of the world.  The crux of these problems are disparity, deprivation, lopsided distribution of resources   and discrimination.  In another words, disparity, deprivation  and discrimination have  given rise to  daunting problems in the world. At this back Alternative Foundation has been conceptualized. The prime objective of this Foundation is to contribute towards building a peaceful, more equal  and prosperous world for the welfare of the  humankind through  joint endeavors and solidarity of leaders, scientists, researchers, planners  journalist, writer, artist, social leaders , sportsperson , teachers etc., social organizations and general and so on. Social and political movement and mobilization are an imperative for the development of a progressive society. However, this Foundation recognizes to the fact that the struggle for justice and building progressive society should be cultivated through peaceful means and innovative mode of communication by using the information technology. With a view to achieve this objective, Alternative Foundation has been registered in the company registered office, Kathmandu under Government of Nepal in 2020 as a non-profit organization. It is also affiliated to Social Welfare Council, Nepal.

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