IT Department

IT Department is one of the priority departments of the Alternative Foundation. ThisDepartment works for the Foundation’s Objective No. 1,…

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Research Department

The Research Department works basically for the Foundation’s Objective No. 2, i.e., to publishthe Global Humanity Index (GHI) and conduct…

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Policy Department

The Policy Department is also one of the main departments of the Alternative Foundation. The Department will conduct policy studies…

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Networking Department

The Networking Department is one the most major departments to achieve the Foundations’vision. This Department works closely with the activists,…

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Award and Encouragement Department

This Department contributes to achieving the VMGO of the organization. People andorganizations are more inclined to embrace human-centered development as…

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Program Department

The Program Department is fully responsible to develop and implement various programs, plansand strategies of the organization. This Department has…

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Administration Department

The Alternative Foundation has a separate Administrative Department to providingcomprehensive administrative support to all the departments, planning, and managing theadministrative…

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Finance Department

The Finance Department of the Foundation ensures the financial management functionsproperly and complies with all applicable rules and regulations of…

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Campaign Department

The Foundation’s Campaign Department is one of the most important departments. ThisDepartment works in coordination with research, policy and networking…

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Fundraising Department

This Department’s basic working areas are to generate the fund to implement the Foundation’sprograms and plans. The Fundraising Department coordinates…

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